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A Breath of Fresh Air

A Difficult Subject

One of the most difficult subjects for me to write about is anything that paints my financial situation but not the one that sets up my future.

I have two sets of finances, one is my strategic investments, which at the time I’m writing this total probably about $300 that I could turn into cash today if I wanted to, however I have several thousands in positions that can earn for me.

No this article will be talking about my day to day finances, the ones that pay for food, shelter and clothing until the latter can take over.

Rewind 10 Months

In March of 2020, I drove school bus for a company in Ambridge, Pa and was doing alright for myself, I wasn’t wealthy, but I was making a few thousand a month, and living with family it was enough to keep me going.
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However when we got news of COVID, one of the first places to close were the schools. I decided that since I was no longer tied to Ambridge and could be anywhere that I would spend the duration of quarantine near my son in Bedford, Ohio

My ex-wife lives there and our relationship is amiable so staying there for the duration wasn’t a ridiculous idea. In fact when I first mentioned it she appreciated being able to see Mason every day.
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As time went on, I was kept afloat by unemployment. and the first stimulus. However as things do, time went on, and my financial options narrowing.

I did use a portion of my income to establish alternative income methods, some of which have helped, and some not so much.

Eventually, around mid December of 2020, my unemployment ran dry, it’s been almost a month now that I have had no income, and one of the promises I made to my ex was that if it got to the point I can not afford to pay for what I agreed to pay for, that I would evict myself voluntarily.

For the last 2 weeks I have had approximately $75 in my accounts to exist on. Half of it was paying my phone payment (I don’t have a phone bill, this was paying for the phone I bought), and the other half was paying for business services, for things like this website, and a few behind the scenes things I need to pay monthly to keep my investment finances alive, both were scheduled to come out within 10 days.

Carrie has always been good to me, so when I told her that I would leave if I couldn’t pay her, it was always something I intended to honor.

A Brighter Future

One of the things I’ve come to understand about myself over the last four years is that I am a lousy face of a company. I am a tech guy, I always have been, I prefer to get my hands on the inner workings and leave the face of the company to someone else.

Enter the company I work for today, I manage several aspects that help in the function of that company, and at the same time reap the benefits of products and finances created by that company.

I get to work behind the scenes in a way that I enjoy doing, and still make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

The catch? Income will be significant, but not instant.

Personally I know this to be right where I belong. which brings me back to my day to day finances. I just need to hold out long enough for the finances from the company to flow.
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Renewed Hope

Since December 15th, I have spent 1-2 hours a day trying to get through to the Pennsylvania Unemployment office, I even did once but I was using an auto-dialer, and closed it so that it wouldn’t disconnect me mid call, only to have it disconnect me when I closed the program.

But this morning, I logged into the unemployment site as I have every day for the last month to find out that it is accepting claims again. I got my breath of fresh air, the little bit of help I needed to close the gap between where I am, and what I’m building.

I don’t enjoy being on unemployment, but as is the case for many American’s these days, it can be a necessity. And in my case, Saved my ass.

As for moving, I do believe I have overstayed my welcome here, I have all the equipment I need to do my job for the new company in my car, and will likely still move out. Only this time, it’s voluntary.
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I will also stay relatively local most of the time, though I may wander a bit, and continue to do everything I can to help with Mason.

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