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The Trap of Burying Unfavorables

Learning to be positive despite the existence of negative thoughts will get you much closer to full integration and acceptance of positivity than denying that those negative thoughts exist at all.

Have you ever set a destination in Google Maps and not set your start point? How effective is it? You have to know, and understand where you are, in order to get where you are going.

Don’t deny it, accept it, embrace it. then act on it.

Negativity is not your enemy, it is a waypoint, a starting location to use as a guide. Work towards overcoming it, but don’t deny its existance, accept it as a position that defined where you were as you move towards where you would like to be.

All too often I see friends and colleagues deny where they are, but that denial does not remove the essence of the problem. it buries it, it prevents it from being acknowledged and it prevents it from being improved upon.

I have been in better places in my life. When I decided to move I knew things would be difficult, I experience new obstacles daily, but what I understand is that any one circumstance does not define who I am, it simply provides me a challenge that I can overcome in a life filled with challenges. If we don’t face the truth of our circumstances, they gain complete control over us. ensuring we have reached our pinnacle.

Do not deny yourself the wisdom of your own experiences based on the idea that they don’t exist. Embrace your ideals, and openly show your colors. Be who you are! Because you are beautiful and that is something to be celebrated.

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