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To Dose, or Not To Dose, That is the Question. (COVID-19)

The COVID Conundrum

Since the introduction of the two primary COVID-19 vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna.

People have been fighting for their spot to be immunized. While others have been quite vocal about dangers they inherently see in the experience.

Checks and Balances

I’m not here to tell you to get the shot for the betterment of your community or humanity as a whole, I won’t tell you that if you don’t do it you’re selfish and condemning everybody else to an extension of the pandemic restrictions.

I’m also not here to tell you to avoid the shot as they have been known to cause death or in some cases, extreme pessimism. But I am here to share what I’ve decided to do, and my reasoning behind it.

From what I have read, the vaccinations cause symptoms similar to those present with the actual affliction in mild form. However some complications are present in the vaccine that add possible symptoms to the list that are not found in the disease, such as in few cases, facial paralysis.

It’s not really about fear of the symptoms. If the benefits warranted the cost I wouldn’t have any specific aversion to getting the vaccine either. As I see it, there is very little advantage that it provides.

All established protocols, like masks are still expected to be worn even for the vaccinated. Gathering limitations are still in effect, and a host of other restrictions that fell into place with the coming of COVID.

Actually from what I have seen the only tangible effect that I’ve seen that the vaccine does is it removes money from your pocket if it’s not fully covered.

I also have seen little evidence that medical advancements in the last hundred years or so, have provided a cure for much of anything aside from applications where antibiotics are involved, and physical trauma cases, and would much rather my own immune system deal with it since ultimately that’s what actually purges most ailments from my body.

In Conclusion

I will not be getting the vaccination. At least, not yet.

I want to be clear that I’m not here to encourage a boycott of the vaccines, and that just because I’m not in line to get one today, doesn’t mean I’m not constantly looking at what I see in front of me and continuously re-evaluating my decision.

If down the line there are more compelling reasons to do so I will certainly consider it. For right now there are people who would get much more peace of mind from the shots than I do. They are welcome to take my spot.

Will it be you?

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