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Try Again or Play Something Else

I was sitting here working this morning and Mason ran into a problem with Minecraft. He was on a parkour map where the goal is to get from point A to point B and was having trouble with one of the jumps. Each time he fell he would start back at the beginning, and it was beginning to frustrate him.

I offered him advice to keep trying and work towards the end but I wouldn’t do it for him which is what he ultimately wanted. The point of a parkour map is to overcome the challenges that the map puts in front of you. If I were to do it for him it would bypass the challenge and he wouldn’t accomplish what the map was there for him to do.

As is pretty normal in any house with kids in it, when one parent won’t do what you want them to, you run to the other.

Mom doesn’t really have much interest in games primarily because she doesn’t enjoy failing at a task, and games are notorious for being exceptionally difficult to give you a challenge. Mom gets extremely frustrated by obstacles that she can’t complete on the timeline she assigns to them so it was not much of a surprise when she suggested Mason play something else.

This had me thinking about two things.

First, that Mom and I don’t think at all alike, and secondly it reminded me of a Ted talk that talked about how we process games differently than real life, and how persistence in games when carried over to the real world can make a significant difference in the outcome of any situation.

It is my hopes that Mason learns to temper his frustration and one of my goals to ensure that happens. Beyond that I want Mason to also learn to apply that same level of determination and growth to his frustrations as he grows up.

Failure doesn’t occur when you can’t achieve your goal on the first round, it occurs when you don’t attempt a second round.

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